That True Phoenix Key Art

I was asked to create art for theatrical collaboration initiative Team Awesome Robot's newest production.

That True Phoenix is the story of Lorenzo Da Ponte: the most interesting man you've never heard of. Far more than just the Librettist for Mozart's greatest Operas, Da Ponte still ended up as a mere footnote in history. Based on his own highly embellished memoirs, That True Phoenix chronicles Da Ponte's life from exiled revolutionary schoolteacher in Venice, to disgraced court poet in Vienna, to Pennsylvania grocery story owner, to Columbia University Professor in New York City and tells the true story of a perpetual immigrant who changed his story to become the true embodiment of the American Dream.

I focused on the theme of Da Ponte's "charisma in the face of obscurity" and used playful, hand-drawn typography to provide context to his life story. I adapted the artwork to be applied across posters, postcards, programs, and social media.